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Joined 3 years ago from Camp Hill, PA. Last activity 7 days ago.

I'm a 39 year-old, computer geek with a radical streak.  

I see the rise of corporate power as the main domestic threat to this nation and see the "Tea Party" movement as a creation of corporations and the CEO's to try and maintain and expand thier power.  I'm the  'Labor and Union Examiner' for Harrisburg, PA, and proud to stand with the "%99".  I attempted to create a progressive forum called "American Vendetta".

I'm also a halfway-decent photographer and likely the only person who can find former WWE star Jeff Hardy and former South African President Nelson Mandela equally admirable.

I'm working on a web page as a sort of portfolio to try and merge my convictions with my talents.

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    Union Interference?

    7 days ago

    There could be forces outside of Northwestern University that may fear the efforts of the Football Players to organize, the stakes are higher than many would like to think and admit.

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    The Last Day of Oscar Grant

    8 weeks ago

    The Movie "Fruitvale Station" takes a look at what would be the last day of a man's life. But what echoes might it have today

  • 2

    Our Wisconsin Moment

    2 months ago

    Pennsylvania Looks To be The Next Battleground in The Koch Brothers/ALEC-led "War on Workers'. Can Labor In Pennsylvania Mount a Resistance?

  • 3

    A Robbery In Vegas

    4 months ago

    Johny Hendricks' loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 167 was controversial. By this St. Pierre fan's analysis, Hendricks should have been the winner.

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    Bradley Manning Support Network Comes To Harrisburg

    10 months ago

    My Report from A Recent Event in Harrisburg, PA Put on By the Bradley Manning Support Network.

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    Charlotte, Jonathan and Us

    10 months ago

    What can the possibly the next sensation to come from "Britain's Got Talent" say about reality TV, and us?

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    American Outgroup

    7 weeks ago

    A look at the 'outgroup' a common tactic that right-wing groups all over the world and throughout time use.

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    Bueno Senor

    7 weeks ago

    My reasons for support Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to file a suit against Arizona's Immigration Law

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