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Joined 5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA. Last activity 2 weeks ago.

I'm a 40 year-old, computer geek with a radical streak.  

I see the rise of corporate power as the main domestic threat to this nation and see the "Tea Party" movement as a creation of corporations and the CEO's to try and maintain and expand thier power.  I'm the  'Labor and Union Examiner' for Harrisburg, PA, and proud to stand with the "%99".  I attempted to create a progressive forum called "American Vendetta".

I'm also a halfway-decent photographer and likely the only person who can find former WWE star Jeff Hardy and former South African President Nelson Mandela equally admirable.

I'm working on a web page as a sort of portfolio to try and merge my convictions with my talents.

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    History, Repeating?

    2 weeks ago

    In 1933, a cabal of corporations plotted to overthrow FDR. Could history repeat?

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    Son Of A Plumber Man

    6 weeks ago

    Dusty Rhodes was more than just a "sports-entertainer", he was a 'working class her0'

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    A New Start For The Sport Of Kings

    7 weeks ago

    Could American Pharoah's 'Triple Crown' mark a new beginning for horse racing in America, and could a cue be taken from other sports on how to do it!

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    The Bridge Built on Methane?

    2 months ago

    A submission for a Coursera course on Global Warming.

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    The Last Day of Oscar Grant

    2 months ago

    The Movie "Fruitvale Station" takes a look at what would be the last day of a man's life. But what echoes might it have today

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